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Decorating? Here's A List Of Decorating Don'ts

Dec 10, 2012 -- 9:19am


From the experts at

• Don't mix up presents - Write out the tags as soon as you wrap the gifts so there's not an embarrassing mix up.

• Don't let the Christmas lights become a safety hazard - Watch out for loose bulbs or protruding wire.

• Don't go overboard - When it comes to Christmas decorations, less is more.

• Don't expect things to be perfect - No matter how far you plan ahead, something will go wrong.

• Don't keep your Christmas lights on all night - hey say this one could be bad for your relationship with your neighbors.

• Don't use disposable silverware for holiday dinners.

• Don't limit yourself to red and green - Hues like gold, pink, and navy blue can work, too.

• Don't think that poinsettias are poisonous. - Yes, they'll upset your stomach if you ingest them in high quantities, but it won't kill you. Still, keep them out of the range of children or pets just to be safe.

• Don't ignore the powder room - With company dropping by, make sure your guest bathroom is clean. Toilet paper, clean towels, soap... you know the drill.

• Don't have your Christmas tree up at Valentines Day.

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