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Want To Lose Weight? Don't Look At Skinny Models

Jan 07, 2013 -- 6:20am

LOOKING AT SKINNY MODELS COULD DERAIL YOUR DIET: A new pair of studies from the Netherlands reveals that taping a photo of a skinny model to your fridge does not provide extra motivation to diet. In the first study, female participants who wished to lose weight were given food journal to write down daily food intake. Some participants were given a journal with a photo of a fashion model on the front, and others were given a journal with a neutral logo on the front. In the second study women were given either the neutral image or a photo of the fashion model that was digitally altered to appear of an average weight. Researchers found that participants exposed to the thin model perceived their dieting goals as less attainable, and engaged in behavior that was inconsistent with reaching their goal, such as eating unhealthy snacks. Ultimately those who had the journal with the thin model on the cover gained weight. (Huffington Post)

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