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Random Inauguration Insanity

Jan 22, 2013 -- 10:30am


PRESIDENT OBAMA'S inauguration festivities went down yesterday. 


Here's all the fun stuff that happened . . .



#1.)  PRESIDENT OBAMA somehow managed to mess up the Presidential Oath at the Inauguration AGAIN.  (Full Story)


#2.)  SASHA OBAMA was caught yawning during her dad's Inaugural speech.  (Full Story)


#3.)  MALIA OBAMA inadvertently photobombed a shot of her parents kissing.  (--Here's the pic.)  (Us Weekly)







#4.)  Did MICHELLE OBAMA just give JOHN BOEHNER the brush-off or what?  (--Check out this video.)


#5.)  Former president BILLY CLINTON wasn't very inconspicuous when he checked out KELLY CLARKSON.  From behind, of course.  (--Check out the pic.)  (The Superficial)








#6.)  AL ROKER got way too jazzed to get a handshake from VICE PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN.  Did he keep his shorts clean?  (--Here's video.)


#9.)  I'm not saying he's racist, but GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS mistook NBA legend BILL RUSSELL for fellow tall, old black guy MORGAN FREEMAN.  (--Here's video.)


#10.)  IAN SOMERHALDER from "The Vampire Diaries" had seats for the inauguration . . . but he LOST HIS TICKETS.  (Full Story)


#11.)  Here's video of BEYONCE singing the National Anthem . . . Here's KELLY CLARKSON singing "My Country 'Tis of Thee" . . . And JAMES TAYLOR sang "America the Beautiful".


#12.)  It's time to stop wondering why JAMES FRANCO does what he does, and just accept that he's going to do it.  James wrote a special "inauguration poem" called "Obama in Asheville".  (--You can see him recite it here.)


#13.)  Check out this awesome map that identifies all the important people in the crowd behind Obama.  (Full Story)


#14.)  Like ARETHA FRANKLIN before her, KATY PERRY wore a giant hat to an Obama inauguration.  (--Here's a pic.  And yes, she's holding that little bow up to it to remind us of Aretha's epic lid from four years ago.)  (People)









#15.)  At the inaugural ball, BARACK and MICHELLE OBAMA danced to JENNIFER HUDSON singing AL GREEN'S "Let's Stay Together".  (--Here's video.)


#16.)  ALICIA KEYS sang "Obama's on Fire".  (Video)




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