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The Five Things Your Mom Wants For Valentine's Day

Jan 23, 2013 -- 1:24pm


Valentine's Day is three weeks from tomorrow, and according to a new survey, here are the five things that moms want MOST:           


#1.)  A romantic dinner with dad.  88% of moms . . . or eight out of nine . . . said they'd like that.


#2.)  A day at the spa.   81% . . . or four out of five . . . picked that.  (--Obviously, moms could pick more than one thing.)  


#3.)  Jewelry . . . 74%.


#4.)  Flowers . . . 73%.


#5.)  Chocolates or other candy . . . 61%.


...Oh, and you probably don't need a survey to tell you that getting your mom LINGERIE for Valentine's Day is a TERRIBLE idea.  But here you go:  Only one in seven moms said they want that as a gift.


(PR Newswire


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