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Secrets About The "Puppy Bowl"

Jan 28, 2013 -- 5:49am

The big game is this weekend! No, not that big game-I'm talkin' about the PUPPY BOWL!   Here are some secrets about the Puppy Bowl you might enjoy!


The other 'big game' this Sunday is Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl.

• Every puppy and kitten comes from a shelter or rescue organization in the United States. We're talking 63 puppies and 21 kittens for this year's Puppy Bowl 9.

• Animal Planet works in conjunction with during the selection process for the puppies. Petfinder reaches out to shelters and rescue organizations to see if they have puppies that meet the age and size requirements and if so, asks if they would be interested in having those animals be part of Puppy Bowl.

• All breeds are welcome.

• All puppies are up for adoption. In years past, all of the puppies and kittens have been adopted to loving families. As of now, only one puppy from this year's lineup is still up for adoption.

• Puppy Bowl was taped it in November. In other words, any footage of pups acting less than fascinating or totally adorable is edited out before the show airs. So the show may be, technically, "fixed." Not that there's anything wrong with that, because it's puppies.

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