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HALF of Us Would Consider Saying YES if Someone Proposed Electronically, Instead of in Person

Jan 30, 2013 -- 12:06pm

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What do YOU think? Online Proposal? 


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According to a new survey by Steve Elliott Marketing Research, most men . . . about 60% . . . want their wife or girlfriend to tell them "I love you" every single day.  Only HALF as many women . . . 30% . . . said they want to hear it every day.


Men are also open to letting the woman take the lead when it comes to getting married.  40% said it's okay for a woman to ask . . . which is 10% more than the number of women who are fine with it. 


Two thirds of men also said they'd consider wearing an engagement ring if their fiancée proposed and gave him one.   


More than half of all people said that they'd consider saying yes if their partner proposed to them electronically instead of in person.  And two thirds of people would be willing to record the proposal and post it on YouTube.


Half of women said they'd update their Facebook status as soon as they got engaged . . . and 75% would update it within a week.


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