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Women Now Prefer a Man Who Can Fix a Computer Over One Who Can Fix a Car

Feb 01, 2013 -- 9:10am


Photo By: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News

This is definitely a sign that we've finally reached a point, for the first time in 100 years, where we're more reliant on our electronics than our cars.


In a new survey, women say they prefer a guy who has TECH SKILLS over a guy who has CAR REPAIR skills.  In other words, they'd rather you be able to figure out why their phone froze up, and just PAY Jiffy Lube to change their oil.


And we've got a separate new survey that shows guys are ALSO going against the old-school dating stereotypes.


It asked men if they'd prefer a woman who's as hot as a supermodel, but really high maintenance . . . or a woman who's not AS hot, but much lower maintenance.


And guys overwhelmingly picked normal looking, LOW MAINTENANCE women over super hot, high-maintenance ones. 


(Crucial / FemaleFirst)



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