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Video of a Woman's Car Getting Towed . . . After City Workers Painted a Handicapped Space Around It

Feb 07, 2013 -- 11:12am

This happened in Israel, but it's pretty funny, and there's video of it online . . .

After a woman parked her car in a completely LEGAL spot on her block, she ended up getting TOWED . . . because city workers painted a HANDICAPPED space around it.


She was initially ordered to pay a fine of about $350, and apparently tried to plead her case.  But no one believed her until she got her hands on security footage from a building across the street.


It's pretty low-quality, but you can clearly see them paint a bright, white line around her car.  Then it shows the tow truck show up later on to take it away.


Needless to say, the woman DIDN'T end up paying a fine.  And city officials apologized, calling it a quote, "severe mistake and a case of incompetence."




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