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Four Reasons You're Always Running Late

Feb 12, 2013 -- 10:20am


If you're constantly running late for everything, "Reader's Digest" has an article that might help you figure out WHY.  Here are four common causes behind chronic lateness.



#1.)  You're Bad at Time Management.  Duh.  But it means you're not realistic about how long things take.  For example, you might think a shower only takes five or six minutes.  But it's probably more like 10 or 15 when you factor everything in.

  • Some experts suggest actually setting a timer for a few days in a row to see how long things ACTUALLY take you.
  • And instead of thinking of it as "I have to be at work by 9 a.m.," you should start setting mini deadlines for yourself.  Like, "I have to be out of the shower by 7:35, done with breakfast by 8:05, and in the car by 8:15."


#2.)  You Can't Say No.  For example, when you're about to leave for work, and someone asks you to help find something.  Or you have something planned right AFTER work, and at 4:58, a co-worker pops in and asks you for help.

  • Obviously, if you DO have time to help, that's great.  But if you're the kind of person who says yes REGARDLESS, you probably need to get better at turning people down.


#3.)  You Thrive on Drama.  If you procrastinate a lot, this might be you.  Procrastinators tend to wait until the last minute because subconsciously they NEED a little adrenaline rush before they can get going.

  • Then something unexpected happens, and they end up 10 minutes behind schedule.  If that's the case, try doing as much as possible in advance, like looking up directions the night BEFORE a job interview, not 10 minutes before you leave. 


#4.)  You Always Try to Do "One More Thing" Before You Leave.  This one's becoming more and more common, because it only takes 60 seconds to do things like check Facebook or send a text message.

  • But if you do five of those things, you're suddenly five minutes late.  Which is why it's important to catch yourself doing it, make yourself stop trying to multitask so much, and just walk out the door. 



(Reader's Digest)

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