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Chivalry Is Not Dead-Here's Proof

Feb 13, 2013 -- 6:18am


Pulling up on a white horse this Valentine’s Day isn’t necessary, but at least some chivalry is a heart-melting must. New research (from on gender roles and courtship reveals that:

· 77% of men and 70% of women feel that a date can be initiated by either gender. In fact, 65% of the women have either asked a man out on a date, or would be willing to do so.

· 67% of men and 60% of women believe that chivalry is important (e.g. opening doors, pulling out chair, etc.).

· 60% of women still like to be wined and dined, at least in the initial stages of dating.

· 26% of men want to be the one who controls how the relationship plays out (i.e. how many dates they should have, how fast the relationship moves, when to meet each other’s family). For women, 27% want to be in full control.

· When it comes to popping the question, 66% of men and 65% of women think it’s fine for the woman to do the asking.

· In terms of who pays for the first date, 47% of men feel that the man should pay; 24% feel that the bill should be split; 29% stated that whoever initiated the date should pay. On the women’s side, 31% feel the man should pay, another 31% feel that the bill should be split, and 38% indicated that whoever initiated the date should pay.

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