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What These Four Random Things Say About Your Personality

Feb 15, 2013 -- 11:57am

Here are three more random things, and what they SUPPOSEDLY say about your personality.



#1.)  The Color of Your Car.  If it's red, you're more likely to be aggressive and reckless.  If it's dark blue or silver, you're more upbeat than most people . . .

  • If it's black, it allegedly means you're lacking self-confidence.  And people who drive GREEN cars tend to have a more positive outlook on life than others.



#2.)  Your Signature.  According to several studies, you subconsciously see it as a stand-in for yourself.  So if it's LARGER than average, it's a sign you have high self-esteem.  And if it's tiny, it apparently means the opposite.

  • But a large signature might ALSO just mean you have an over-inflated ego.  One recent study looked at the signatures of 600 CEOs, and found that the ones with the biggest signatures tended to make the most money.
  • But they were also more likely to run their companies into the GROUND, because they didn't listen to their employees.



#3.)  What Your Desk Looks Like.  If you have Post-It notes everywhere, it's a sign you're overwhelmed.  (--Duh.)  If you have a candy bowl or lots of office supplies in your desk, it means you're more likely to be outgoing and social.

  • And if your desk is pretty much empty, it's a sign that you're not satisfied with your job.  But if you have a PLANT, it means you're probably NOT planning to look for a different job anytime soon.    


(Men's Health)



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