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"Tweetable", "Social Sharing" and "Friend Zone" Have All Been Added to the Oxford English Dictionary

Feb 27, 2013 -- 11:09am



(Photo By: Hugh Pinney / Getty Images News)


It's depressing when Internet terms make it into actual, respectable dictionaries.  Like, "That's part of the English language now?  What have we done?"


The people behind the Oxford English Dictionary just announced a list of new words they're adding to the dictionary . . . and you can see the Internet influence.


They're adding tweetable, defined as, quote, "suitable for posting on the social media site Twitter."


And they're adding the broader term social sharing.  That's defined as, quote, "the practice of sharing content from a website on a social media site or application."


The other standout is friend zone . . . which you see a lot online too.  They've officially defined it as, quote, "a situation in which a platonic relationship exists between two people, one of whom has an undeclared romantic or sexual interest in the other."


A few non-Internet terms they're adding are appletini, an apple-flavored martini . . . flexitarian, a person who is mostly vegetarian but cheats . . .and hump day, the slang term for Wednesday.


(Oxford Dictionaries)


(Here's the full list)



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