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Top 15 Fears While Driving

Mar 05, 2013 -- 12:00pm



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I know if we asked you, "What are you afraid of when you're driving?" you'd say, "Nothing . . . except not being able to listen to this station."  But deep down, you KNOW there's stuff that scares the hell out of you. See if any of these things pertain to you...


Top 15 Fears While Driving


#1.)  Driving in snow.


#2.)  Freezing conditions where there might be black ice.


#3.)  Fog.


#4.)  Driving on the highway.


#5.)  Parallel parking.


#6.)  Driving in an area you don't know.


#7.)  Driving through big cities.


#8.)  Rain.


#9.)  Passing large trucks.


#10.)  Driving down rural country roads.


#11.)  Passing other drivers.


#12.)  Narrow streets.


#13.)  Heavily congested roads.


#14.)  Driving in the dark.


#15.)  Parking in crowded parking garages.


(Daily Mail)



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