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A Florida Female Deputy Wrestles an Alligator That was Crawling Up to a School . . . and Wins!

Mar 25, 2013 -- 11:28am


On Thursday, a 29-year-old sheriff's deputy named Jessica McGregor was at Clermont Middle School in Lake County, Florida . . . when a seven-foot ALLIGATOR showed up behind a fence outside the school.


Kids were screaming and running away, so someone called animal control.  But they said it would take two hours for an alligator trapper to get there.  So Jessica decided to handle it herself.


Jessica says she used to WRESTLE ALLIGATORS with her brother.  Quote, "Back in the day, you had these things come up on your land, and you just caught 'em and threw 'em back in the nearest watering hole."


So Jessica took some rope, made a makeshift lasso, snagged it around the gator's neck, dragged him out of the bushes . . . then jumped on top of him and started wrestling him.


After a quick fight, the gator GAVE UP.  Jessica tied him up and made sure he was under control until animal control could take him away.


(Orlando Sentinel)



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