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A Store Introduced a $5 Fee for People Who Just Look Around

Mar 26, 2013 -- 12:55pm


(Photo By Getty Images/Editorial Getty Images News)


If you've never heard the term "showrooming," it's when you go to a store, look around . . . then leave and buy the stuff you saw on Amazon or another website.  Obviously, the stores HATE IT . . . and basically blame it for their decline in sales.


There are two options for stores.  Option one, offer prices that compete with the Internet and provide customer service that websites can't equal.  Or option two . . . THIS.


A health food grocery store in Brisbane, Australia has started charging a $5 FEE for anyone who enters.  If you buy something, the $5 is deducted from your bill.  If you don't, they keep the money.


They started charging the fee in February, but the news started circulating online yesterday, when someone took a picture of the sign announcing the policy, and posted it on


The sign on the door says, quote, "There has been a high volume of people who use this store as a reference and then purchase goods elsewhere . . . [so] this store will be charging people a $5 fee per person for 'just looking.'" 





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