The Top 10 "Most-Binged" Shows on Video Streaming Services

Mar 27, 2013 -- 4:31pm



Have you ever BINGED on a particular TV show . . . where you watch like an entire season in one weekend?  If so, you're not alone . . . it's become quite a phenomenon thanks to DVD, Blu-ray and the various Internet streaming services like Netflix.


Well, some research group went through the numbers from some of the biggest streaming services from January of last year through this past January . . . and put together a list of the shows viewers most often BINGE on.


Here are The Top 10 Most-Binged TV Shows:



1.)  "Prison Break"


2.)  "Charmed"


3.)  "That '70s Show"


4.)  "How I Met Your Mother"


5.)  "Gossip Girl"


6.)  "Supernatural"


7.)  "Scrubs"


8.)  "Heroes"


9.)  "24" . . . (--Which, if you like it, is virtually impossible NOT to binge on.)


10.)  "One Tree Hill"



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