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Ten Updates on the Boston Marathon Bombing

Apr 22, 2013 -- 10:05am



(Photos By: STAN HONDA)


Friday night (4-19-2013), the FBI and Boston police successfully caught the second terrorist from the Boston Marathon bombing, and they got him alive. 


Here are some updates . . .


1.  They found 19-year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev hiding in a dry-docked boat in Watertown, Massachusetts.  David Henneberry is the owner of the boat . . . and he called the police when he noticed a trail of BLOOD.


2.  After a standoff, police were able to capture him alive.  Less than 24 hours after his 26-year-old older brother died in a shootout with the cops.


3.  Now he's recovering in the hospital.  He stabilized last night and has apparently been answering some of the investigators' questions in writing . . . since he's badly hurt on his throat from what MIGHT be a self-inflicted gunshot wound.


4.  Massachusetts doesn't have the death penalty, but the federal government DOES . . . and he COULD face a death sentence in federal court.


(Photo (R) By: TIMOTHY A. CLARY/Getty Images)


5.  And here's the detail that's going to lead to a LOT of hindsight.  Russia apparently warned the FBI about the older brother a few years ago after he took a trip back to Chechnya . . . but the FBI cleared him.


6.  The Massachusetts police released thermal images of the 19-year-old suspect hiding in the boat.  It's fascinating to see just how clearly they could make out his heat signature.


7.  The boat was owned by 66-year-old David Henneberry . . . and took a LOT of damage.  Apparently, people have been sending him money from all over the country to get a new one.  His boat was valued around $50,000.


8.  Both terrorists come from the Chechnya region of Russia.  Which a lot of Americans have heard of, but don't really know much about.  So the Czech Republic even issued a statement reminding people it's NOT part of their country.


9.  Here's a new spin on the Boston lockdown.  An "Esquire" writer posted about his one-night stand that started before the lockdown . . . and how it turned into a full day together.


10.  The bombers' mother was arrested last year for shoplifting from a Lord & Taylor department store.  And the surveillance video from a different Lord & Taylor was used to identify her sons at the Boston Marathon.



(Gizmodo / MSN / MZV / Esquire / Radar Online)



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