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New Movies: 'The Purge" vs. 'The Internship". Preview Trailers For Both!

Jun 07, 2013 -- 1:23pm

It's been a great summer movie season so far, and two more strong titles are out this weekend. Here's a preview of both so you can decide what to spend your ticket money on!

1.  "The Internship"   (PG-13)

Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson are two unemployed salesmen with outdated computer skills who talk their way into intern positions at Google . . . where they'll then have to compete against dozens of tech-savvy college students for a job.




2.  "The Purge"  (R)

In the future, on one night a year, you can LEGALLY COMMIT ANY CRIME you want . . . even murder.  During that 12-hour period, hospitals are closed, the police can't be called, and it's up to you to figure out how you're going to survive the night.

The night when everyone releases their darkest impulses is called "the purge," and Ethan Hawke's gotten rich off of selling security systems to make people's homes impenetrable, so they can defend themselves from their homicidal neighbors.


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