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Viral Video: Miss Utah Botches Answer During Miss USA Pageant

Jun 18, 2013 -- 10:41am

You have to feel sorry for her, but don't feel guilty for chuckling over this one...

25-year-old Erin Brady won the Miss America pageant on Sunday night . . . she was Miss Connecticut.  But Miss UTAH had the best moment.  For some reason the video's only making the rounds now, but she botched a question pretty badly.

She's 21-year-old Marissa Powell, and when one of the judges asked her about equal pay for women, she started talking about education, blanked for four seconds, lost the thread, started talking about the economy, and finished by saying we need to, quote, "create education better."

She says she was so nervous, she spaced out during the question and didn't really hear it.  But instead of asking the judge to repeat it, she decided to fake an answer and got flustered.


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