Richie Samobora Believes He'll Be Back With Bon Jovi

Jul 02, 2013 -- 11:16am

Richie Sambora recently gave some hope to Bon Jovi fans wishing he'd rejoin the band to finish its current world tour. The last we heard from Sambora on the topic was back in May when he slammed Jon Bon Jovi for continuing to answer questions about his absence and accused him of replacing him to prove he can play stadiums without his help. TMZ just posted footage of Sambora in a much mellower mood addressing his and Bon Jovi's still unexplained parting of the ways.

Sambora says, "I feel bad for the fans -- I love my fans. . . It's gonna work itself out. It'll happen. . . Jon and I have had a relationship for 30 years and we rely on each other and I think that's it. . . It'll all work out in the end."

 Here's the full interview...


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