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If You Worked Fewer Hours Each Day Would You Be Happier?

Aug 22, 2013 -- 2:11pm

 If you got the news tomorrow that you only had to work six hours a day, instead of the eight or nine you're working now . . . WITHOUT taking a pay cut . . . you'd probably be thrilled.


Which would only make you crash back to Earth harder a few months down the road when you realize you're still just as UNHAPPY as you were before.


According to a massive new 10-year study out of South Korea, cutting people's work hours doesn't have any real effect on their overall satisfaction with their life or their jobs.


The main reason?  Even when people's work hours get cut, their actual workload doesn't.  So instead of your usual day with breaks and web surfing and generic conversations with coworkers, you'd have to work more intensely all day long. 



(Popular Science)

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