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Here's the Perfect Age to Get Married, Have a Kid, Retire . . . and Live at Forever

Sep 13, 2013 -- 12:53pm

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f you could live forever at one age, in perfect health, what would you pick?  I'd take all the knowledge I have now and go back to being 21.  Only I'd go to Arizona State and have sex with every smokin' hot dummy in sight.


A new Harris poll asked Americans to name the perfect age for some major life cycle events.  Check out the results . . .


If you could live forever in good health, what age would you pick?  The average answer was . . . 50.  In the same survey 10 years ago, the consensus answer was 41.


The perfect age to move out of your parents' house is . . . 20.


The perfect age to get married is . . . 26.


The perfect age to have your first child is . . . 28.


The perfect age for retirement is . . . 61. 


(Harris Interactive)



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