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Lottery Winner Takes Care Of Clerk Who Sold Winning Ticket

Sep 16, 2013 -- 4:31pm

 There's a senior citizen in Bakersfield, California named Max Coronado who plays the lotto CONSTANTLY . . . he spends about $80 a WEEK on lottery tickets.


He just won the Mega Millions drawing last week, matching five out of six numbers and nabbing over $1.5 MILLION.



But apparently he's decided not to waste ALL that money on more tickets.  Because he's paying off his house . . . AND using a chunk of it to thank the CASHIER who's been selling  him tickets all these years.


54-year-old Sue Park says Max has always joked that if he won big, he'd do something nice for her.  And now Max is coming through . . . he's offering to send her entire family on a $10,000 VACATION to their home in South Korea.


Max actually had SEVERAL Mega Millions tickets that won.  And his other winnings totaled $92 . . . but Sue says he immediately used THAT money to buy more lottery tickets.




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