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Tis the season of giving, sharing and caring!   That's why we're proud to present Sunny's Christmas Wish

Together with you, Panera Bread and Quantum House...Where Hope has a Home®, we will help local families whose children are receiving treatment for a serious medical condition and are experiencing a heavy burden this holiday season.  Together we can  make their Christmas as bright as possible. 

Open your heart and your wallet to donate to groceries, toys, clothes, gas and more.  We'll deliver your gift card donations to the families at a special luncheon at Panera Bread in Jupiter the week before Christmas. 

It’s Sunny's Christmas Wish to help  local children and their families this holiday season!  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making a


Sunny Christmas Wish Come True! 


These are some excerpts from the letters written by the staff at Quantum House about these wonderful families in need. Jennifer Ross with Deena nad Bill will read each family's story in it's entirity durring the week of DATE. 


The Richards Family

Ashton thought he was done fighting cancer. It had been two and a half years that Ashton had been in remission until now.

Crippling back pain landed him in the hospital where he was told his cancer spread to his lungs. At just 19, Ashton underwent life-saving surgery again to remove the tumor that was crushing lungs preventing him from breathing. Now Ashton is recovering before another blast of chemotherapy and considering options for the next steps to fight for his life for the second time.

Ashton’s family is doing all they can, but it’s more than difficult. Ashton needs help with fuel cards, travel expenses, money for car repair and bills. 


The Felix Family

Dorcas was five months pregnant when she learned the baby she was carrying would experience severe setbacks. Spina bifida, hydrocephalous, nerve damage, developmental delays, and speech and motor impairment are enough to frighten any mother. Dorcas was absolutely overwhelmed.

Savanah receives medication four times a day, and must is supposed to go to therapy twice a week.  But that doesn’t always happen. Making the almost-hour trek to West Palm Beach to is a hardship, but Dorcas does the best she can to be a good mother to Savanah and her baby brother Logan. The demands she’s meeting are tremendous. 


The Losasso Family

Gabriella Losasso was like any other five year old girl until a spring day in March 2010, she woke up and not feeling quite right. She was tired and experiencing severe aches and pains in her joints similar to arthritis. Her parents Ron and Liz brought her to Palm Beach Children’s Hospital at St. Mary’s Medical Center where she was diagnosed with Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia. Her body was attacking itself and no one could figure out why.

For the Losasso family, Gabby’s illness is an everyday struggle. She has a long list of food and activity restrictions so resources to help fulfill those needs are great. Additionally, traveling expenses quickly add up during Gabby’s longer hospital stays and gas cards will help relieve some of the burden.


The Conger Family

The Conger family is no stranger to hospital stays and the terrifying condition of hemolytic disease of the newborn. Kristina’s first child, Ryleigh, was born in a coma and without blood. Kristina’s body tried to reject Ryleigh as she was born because their blood types were not compatible. Ryleigh was three days old when Kristina saw her for the first time.

Now at 4 years old, Ryleigh is a proud big sister. Kevin was born with the same condition as his sister, but this time doctors expected the complications. Before he was even born, Kevin had three blood transfusions. After a short stay in neonatal Intensive care, Kevin was able to go home.

The Conger family is delighted to have everyone home, but there’s still hardship. Ryleigh has a mild case of cerebral palsy and has cochlear implants to compensate for her deafness in both ears. Therapy three times a week, doctors’ appointments an hour away from home and specialist appointments in Miami are difficult. Help with groceries, gas and bills would be welcome relief.


The Prescott Family

Not even three weeks passed after Abigail went home, and Laura and Sean were frantically heading back to the hospital. Abigail was barely alive. The Prescotts faced months of sitting vigil near Abigail’s hospital crib and months of alternating care of 5-year-old Emma at home. Abigail was born with a condition which limited her ability to digest or eat normally and a host of other complications. She has endured multiple surgeries, and now at just 5 months old, is an unbelievable fighter.

Abigail has overcome incredible odds, and she’s at home and recovering well. “It’s hard to look at her and know we almost lost her three times,” Laura said.  

















See how your hard work helped these families last year!


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These are some excerpts from the letters written by the staff at Quantum House about these wonderful families in need.  Bill & Tracy will read the letters, in their entirety, on Sunny Mornings during the week of December 9th!

On the morning of his seventh birthday, Tyler Grimm and his mother Kristina learned he had a malignant brain tumor larger than a golf ball pressing on his brainstem, and later that day underwent surgery to remove it. Kristina lost her job because of all the time spent in and out of hospitals ….and on top of that, she was pregnant with her second child, Mya…. Every few months, Tyler needs to go to Miami for more scans and follow up appointments and every three months in Jacksonville. They're barely making it, and their journey is far from over…..

To Donate to the Grimm Family

The Hearn Family

Ryan Jr. was born on November 3, 2013 in West Palm Beach. What should have been a joyous occasion turned out to be a nightmare for parents Kassie and Ryan Sr. as their baby boy was in respiratory distress and immediately placed on a ventilator. Ryan Jr.’s lungs needed to be re-inflated and his oxygen levels monitored constantly for the first week of his life. Ryan Jr. was released a week after his birth, but Kassie and Ryan now face the emotional and financial hardship of having a sick newborn as well as their 5-year-old daughter, Aliyah. The stress has had a great toll on them, but they are grateful to have their child….

To Donate to the Hearn Family


The Mahovetz Family

Dominique and her husband Mark were overjoyed to welcome their first child into the world, but things didn't go as planned. Dominique went into labor much earlier than expected. Eliyana Grace was born at 25 weeks weighing just 1 pound 7 ounces. The tiny baby girl was immediately diagnosed with Hyponatremia and Jaundice. She was moved straight to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and has remained there since she was born on August 26. Dominique and Mark stayed at Quantum House for the first month because of limited room availability, and Dominique must now commute from Stuart daily to be with her daughter.  Mark visits the hospital every free second he has, but must continue to work full time to support the family and their ever-mounting hospital bills.  Since her birth, Eliyana has made great strides but has also faced major setbacks. One month after her birth she received heart surgery, and most recently she has lost the ability to swallow. This means there is no discharge date in sight for Eliyana. Her family must continue to travel for more than an hour to be with her..

To Donate to the Mahovetz Family


The Natale family

The Natale family stayed at Quantum House when 2-year-old Bellamaria was treated in pediatric intensive care unit for a complication of an ongoing birth defect. Her father William, mother Dominique and 3-month-old baby sister Tiger Lilly spent as much time as they could at Bellamaria's side. It was critical to be as close as possible to Bellamaria especially throughout the most critical hours. Dominique and her husband are trying to juggle caring for a seriously ill child, raising an infant and supporting the family financially. William spends time with Bellamaria when he can, but spends most of his time working to afford the hospital stay and associated costs…

To Donate to the Natale Family

The Rameriez Family

Aryuro and Catalina were already the parents of two active boys when they had their first girl, Miranda. Things went well for the first couple of months, but Miranda’s health started to quickly decline. She was diagnosed with Biliary atresia just after she celebrated two months. The liver condition caused her to stay in the hospital for almost  two months while she received around-the-clock care. Catalina, Aryuro, and their sons Camilo (then 5) and Martin (4) became guests at Quantum House to be as close as possible to their precious daughter and sister.  Throughout the diagnosis and treatment, the Ramirez family kept a sunny outlook and counted their blessings. When Miranda was finally discharged from the hospital, her family was eager to take their little girl home. With a seriously ill baby, life would change for the Ramirez family…

To Donate to the Rameriez Family



To make a donation  to the general Sunny's Christmas Wish fund to help meet the needs of any of the Quantum House families, click here.


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