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Want Instant Inspiration? Watch This Toddler's First Steps

Jul 09, 2014 -- 11:06am

A child's first steps are always special...maybe the most special of all are the steps of a physically challenged child.  A video is going viral of 2-year-old Kayden taking his first steps with prosthetics and a child-size walker.

Kayden's mother, Nikki, posted the video and an explanation that her son's right foot and left leg were amputated due to birth defects.

Nikki writes that she was encouraged to terminate her pregnancy, and she was told her son would never walk.

"He now has prosthetics and is learning to walk," Nikki writes. "This video is really more then 1st steps...we celebrate his life as well and every step he takes will be to glorify God."

The video shows Kayden initially hesitant, exclaiming, "Oh, jeez! Oh, jeez!" But as it goes on, he begins excitedly yelling, "I got it!"

It's awesome...check it out. Bill & Tracy smiley


This Guy Wants $10 Million For This?!!

Jul 08, 2014 -- 10:21am


This is Andrew Rector of New York...ESPN devoted about 90 seconds to the 26-year-old sleeping at a ball game back in April, and now he's suing for damages!

Andrew was at Yankee Stadium for a game against the Boston Red Sox, and FELL ASLEEP during the fourth inning.  The cameras caught him sleeping . . . and then stayed on him.

So the two commentators started talking about him.  They referred to him as, quote, "oblivious" and made fun of him for sleeping.  The clip went a tiny bit viral . . . and Internet commenters also made fun of him, which is what Internet commenters do.

So naturally, Andrew just filed a $10 million LAWSUIT against ESPN and Major League Baseball for disparaging him and leading to a, quote, "unending verbal crusade."

Our take? Lighten Up, Andrew!

sad Bill & Tracy

Did You See Joan Rivers Melt Down On Live TV?

Jul 07, 2014 -- 10:19am

Wow. This was a big story in Tracy's Celebrity Insider this morning, but you have to see the video for the full impact to see how crazy it was.

Joan Rivers walked out in the middle of an interview with CNN, after being repeatedly questioned about her "mean" style of humor.

Joan was promoting her new book, "Diary of a Mad Diva" . . . but CNN's Fredericka Whitfield repeatedly asked her about how she criticizes celebrities' clothes on "Fashion Police", and the borderline offensive jokes in her book.

At first, it seemed as if she playfully defended herself . . . and denied that she actually hurts anyone's feelings.  But then she got more serious, insisting that what she does is just HUMOR.  She said, quote, "Life is very tough . . .

"If you can make a joke to make something easier and funny, do it! . . . I'm really going.  All you've done is negative.  I've made people laugh for 50 years.  I've been put on Earth to make people laugh . . .

"Stop it with, 'And you do this, and you're mean, and you're that.'  You're not the one to interview a person who does humor.  Sorry!"  Then she stormed off. Whew. Check it out:

Jenga....I always KNEW it was a cat's game!

Jun 30, 2014 -- 8:30am

Ready For U.S. vs. Germany? Here's Your World Cup Pump Up Video!

Jun 26, 2014 -- 9:20am

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO USA!!!!!!!!! yes Bill & Tracy


Do You Remember When You Discovered Your Eyebrows?

Jun 25, 2014 -- 9:17am

Yeah, me neither! But this kid just did, and it's the cutest thing you will see all day. And now....Baby Raising His Eyebrows Up And Down For The First Time:


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